How to professionaly preserve your trees

You’ve put a lot of hard work into tending your garden. Let us help you breathe new life into your trees and preserve them for generations to come. Planting and pruning your trees may be the work of a moment, but caring for a garden is the work of a lifetime.

Total Tree Care offers complete tree care management services designed to assist homeowners in learning about and caring for their trees. Many trees require constant attention to defend them against disease, damage, and arborial predators. If one of your established trees concerns you, give us a call.

We practice a holistic approach to caring for trees, taking into consideration a tree’s impact on the landscaping and larger environment. Our professional arborists use state-of-the-art arboricultural science to encourage and support the natural processes of healthy growth. Detailed inspection of the soil and the condition of other plants in the area can tell us quite a lot about the long-term survival prospects of your trees.

Pruning for safety is an important task that reduces the weight of over-extended lateral branches, removes deadwood, and alleviates stress on the tree. Cable bracing systems can be installed to shore up trees with flawed or damaged stems. Canopy reduction treatments allow more light through to the lower limbs of the tree, promoting healthy growth.

Formative shaping of young or mature trees allows you to scuplt the growth of your tree to more closely match your garden’s aesthetics. Careful pruning allows our professional arborists to let more sunlight into the garden area, respect property lines, and promote good form within the canopy. A healthy tree can be an attractive and functional centerpiece for your garden when properly sculpted.

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