Tree Planting and Transplanting

Mature trees are often removed from a site due to declining health, structural defects or inappropriate locations. When that time comes it is responsible to plant another tree for the future. Maybe a better species selection, one with good form that suits the available space it will need in maturity. Many council permits now make it a condition to replant after a tree removal too.

If you are just looking to plant with a small sapling and let it grow you can easily do that yourself. However when it comes to planting an Advanced Replacement Tree, we can help you by sourcing, selecting, supplying and planting. Because we buy at wholesale, it often works out that we can do all of the above for around the same price you might pay for an advanced tree at a full retail nursery.

Species Selection – You get advice on the ideal species for you and your garden. By asking a series of criteria questions we can narrow down thousands of possibilities to just a few that fit the requirements. Remembering that most tree removals are due to poor species choices that don’t match the location, it is important to get this first part right.

Tree Sourcing – You can sit back while we do the groundwork for you. Through our network of wholesale tree farms we can locate the best value tree of its type for you, we will find what is available in what heights and trunk caliper (which is more of an indicator of maturity than height) and at what prices.

Tree Selection – Only by having sound arboricultural knowledge will you select the tree with the best form for future structural development. We know what to look for so we won’t supply you with a dud tree likely develop structural weaknesses down the track. Even at quality tree nurseries i often see a group of 20 trees available of which I would only plant 3 in my own garden!

Tree Supply – We will then pick up or arrange delivery of the tree to your site. Advanced Trees usually need at least at minimum a ute, usually a truck and sometimes a crane to deliver.

Tree Planting – So often we are called out to consult on young trees that are not doing well that people have planted themselves, or even had gardeners or landscapers plant for them. It is critical to get a few basic things right when planting a tree to prevent future problems that could bring an early end to your trees. Soil preparation, rootball preparation, correct planting depths, staking (or not staking) are all an important part of having a professional arborist plant your trees. This is the foundation of your trees future and it must be right to ensure good tree health, root development and tree stability.

Tree Transplanting

Although trees should be planted in appropriate locations where it is envisaged they will spend their entire lives, there are occasions when large and even mature trees require transplanting. This procedure not only requires a sound knowledge of tree biology, it also requires experience and heavy machinery.

Over many years Total Tree Care has undertaken tree transplanting projects and takes great pride in the success that has been achieved. These projects have ranged from transplanting small shrubs in a clients backyard to the transplanting of mature trees (alive & dead) required for large landscaping/development projects.

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