How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Sure trees add that touch of natural class to any established suburb but sometimes they can pose a serious hazard to the enjoyment of your property and might need to be removed.

Typical reasons for Tree removal

  1. The tree is diseased, beyond saving and it needs to be removed before it dies or falls onto something
  2. The tree might be causing an obstruction to house works or construction
  3. The tree is hanging over neighbouring properties posing discomfort or danger to their property
  4. You just don’t like the kind of tree it is and want it gone!

Factors that will affect the final cost of a tree removal job

The size of the tree

Larger trees have more limbs, go higher and often require more equipment to ensure safe removal without destruction

The location of the tree

Following on from above, if the tree is in an awkward position that is in a difficult spot to access, then expect to pay more for a safe removal. Again, extra equipment and labour may be required in order to safely complete the job

Necessary Safety precautions

One of the biggest differences between qualified and unqualified tree removers (arborists) is in their approach to the removal process. Anyone can chop down a tree with a chainsaw, but if you want those limbs and trunks to not fall onto people, property or plants, then a lot of complex rope and pulley systems are required to prevent this. Considerable experience helps here to ensure the tree is removed, without anything else having to be taken to the dump.

Tree Stump removal or not?

Once the tree is chopped up into smaller pieces and safely on the ground. Often homeowners will prefer that the left over tree stump is ground down into the ground so plants or grass can be grown on top giving a flush finish to the garden. Ask if your quote includes this and to what extend the stump is ground down. Read more on this page about tree stump removal.

Disposal and Transportation

Do you require the tree matter to be left behind or will you require the tree technician to remove the waste from your property. This is a good time to request the organic matter to be ‘chipped’. Good arborists will have access to a wood chipping machine and can return with a nice amount of important mulching material for your garden afterwards.

Permits and other regulations for Tree Removal

In most cases, a permit will be required prior to the tree being removed. In Melbourne, every city council is slightly different. Some species of tree are protected and cannot be removed unless you can provide evidence that the tree is too diseased to save or poses a danger to property. More often than not the Council in your area  will require a qualified arborist to inspect the tree and produce an arborist’s report.

Experienced arborists like us will be very familiar with the ins and outs with each council due to the sheer number of permits we apply for on behalf of our customers. We have streamlined systems and existing relationships with council staffs which means this process a lot quicker than you might experience tying to do this yourself. You also should always make sure your arborist has a licence and the proper qualifications by checking their credentials.

Do you need Insurance?

Not all arborists will have the same insurance protection. As you can imagine, breakages do occur quite often in our industry and these can be very expensive and disturbing if the company you choose has tried to save some costs with their insurance coverage. While breakages are rare in our experience, they aren’t with other providers. Sometimes, it pays to not select the cheapest quote because of this often overlooked factor.

Does my tree service need to be licensed?

Tree fellers, arborists and tree removers don’t require a licence in any state or territory of Australia. However, you should still ensure they have appropriate:

  1. Public liability insurance
  2. Tree-related qualification such as a Certificate II in Horticulture (Arboriculture) for ground and climbing work; and/or…
  3. a Certificate III in Horticulture (Arboriculture) for supervisors of climbing work.
    Membership of reputable professional associations such as Arboriculture Australia


You should expect tree removal to cost…

Arborists Reports will Cost

$75-$100 for one to five trees
$20-$25 for each additional tree
$35 for a submission to council fee

Tree Removals will Cost

$500 for a tree 6m height with a narrow trunk and
$1000 for a tree 8m height with a substantial trunk and which requires the use of chainsaw and safety equipment and includes removal of cuttings

*Prices and costs published on this page are indicative only and should only be used as a guide. Costs will vary depending on your location, time of year and many other factors.

Tree Removal Quotes

The first step in the process is to engage the services of a qualified arborist to give you an accurate onsite quote. Even if you think the tree might need to go, sometimes we might in fact find that removal may not be necessary and the tree can be saved.

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