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Tree removal often involves a drastic and permanent change to your property. Our first preference is to save your tree, but that isn’t always the best option. Total Tree Care understand that safety, aesthetics and tidiness of your outdoor environment is important. We’ve got the equipment and the experience to quickly and cleanly remove trees across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Taking Down a Tree

Trees that are dying from disease or old age can become dangerously unstable. They present a debris hazard to property owners, tenants and guests along with harbouring nesting places for animals such as possums. Moreover, extreme weather events can do irreparable damage to an otherwise healthy tree in a very short period of time. Left unchecked, unmanaged growth endangers structures both above and below ground.Our climbing arborists scale the tree using a proper rigging system. From the crown, we can control the direction and placement of falling limbs, while the cable system keeps our climbers safe. We systematically remove portions of the tree, taking it apart piece by piece until even the largest tree has been safely dismantled. Controlling the demolition this way not only enables us to ensure the safety of our climbers, we also preserve the integrity of your grounds, preventing expensive damage from uncontrolled extraction. Except for the missing tree, you wouldn’t believe we were ever there.

Palm Tree Removal in Melbourne

Palm tree removal is one of the most difficult and daunting tasks for many arborists. Palms grow extensive root systems that not only cover vast underground areas, but root differently in different soils. When it comes to palms, our combined experience really shows. We have the equipment to safely and permanently remove trees Melbourne wide or prepare palms for transplant to other locations.

Gum Tree Removal in Melbourne

Gum trees are renown for their property damaging tendencies. Arbitrary snapping of branches can spell expensive tile, glass or car damage. They are highly susceptible to damage from high winds, becoming brittle during the summer and autumn. Damage from broken limbs is unfortunately common. As Gum Trees exceed their intended placement Sometimes it is simply safer for both people and property if the tree is removed rather than requiring regular pruning.

  • 1. How much does tree removal cost?

The cost of a tree removal depends on the size of the tree, access to the location, and the extent of the machinery required for safe extraction. Removal projects average between $500 for smaller jobs and increase depending on the scale of work. Schedule a no-obligation assessment today and we will give you an honest evaluation.

  • 2. Do you remove the debris, branches and logs?

You won’t believe we were ever there. All of the debris, broken limbs, and torn soil is expertly removed and disposed of efficiently. We’re pleased to convert removed trees to mulch and firewood directly on the property.

  • 3. Do I need a permit?

Most councils require a permit before a tree is removed. This will depend on the size of the tree, it’s proximity and age. Our staff are well versed this area, and will assist with all of the necessary paperwork.

  • 4. What is your availability?

Most quotes following an assessment are delivered within 1-3 days. We expect to complete the work within two weeks. Priority jobs may be scheduled ahead of time.

  • 5. Can you give me a cost over the phone?

Accurate quotes depend on a personal assessment. We would be happy to give you a rough estimation based on the size of your tree.

  • 6. Can we keep firewood/mulch?

Absolutely! It’s still your tree.

  • 7. Do you work on weekends?

Scheduled work depends on existing contracts and availability.

  • 8. Do you remove the stump as part of removing the tree?

Stump removal is a different service requiring a completely different set of equipment, we offer stump removal as a separate service although in most cases we can achieve the tree removal and stump removal in the same visit.

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