Professional Tree Pruning Service

A thriving garden requires regular attention and proper pruning. The trees that share our outdoor environment are no different. Left unchecked, excess growth leads to brittle limbs, storm damage, and the formation of dangerous stress points. Total Tree Care’s team of professional arborists care for your trees as if they were our own. Careful attention during the formative stages leads to a healthy, lively tree that grows in strength as it ages naturally. We help you preserve the health of your trees, your legacy to Melbourne for years to come.

Formative Pruning

Pruning young trees helps correct structural issues and provides the tree with a strong direction for growth. Shade trees can be sculpted to give maximum cover without blocking sunlight entirely. Privacy screens and hedges must be carefully managed to provide a visual barrier while still leaving room for growth. Neglecting proper tree pruning quickly leads to a job too large for most gardeners and more expensive work down the track.

Weight Reduction

By selectively removing branches throughout the entirety of the tree’s crown, we lower the overall density of the tree. This reduces strain on the trunk and improves overall stability by decreasing the weight of tree limbs. Carefully directed growth shapes the coverage of the branches to allow more light into the garden, providing shade instead of choking out other plants. Providing the crown with a natural shape allows the tree to take in vital sunlight. Unchecked growth leads to crowded branches competing for light and over-extended limbs that cannot support their own weight. Judicious tree pruning reduces the structural load of the branches, resulting in a beautiful tree and an asset to you property.

Hazard Reduction

Dead branches within the canopy dry up and split from the trunk of the tree. Falling deadwood is a serious safety hazard; removing it early prevents personal injury and incidental property damage. Damaged and diseased limbs also need to be removed so that the tree can recover and begin to heal. We are skilled in identifying and treating certain tree diseases and damage caused by pests.

Pruning, Lopping, and Removal

It’s very important to have confidence in the arborists to whom you entrust the care of your trees. Careful and selective pruning helps shape the growth of a tree and bolsters its overall health. Indiscriminate lopping of limbs leads to unsightly stumps, reactive growth, and potential disease vectors. Trees can take tens of years to grow to maturity and are too important to risk damaging permanently by removing branches without considering the impact on the tree health and surrounding environment. We take pride in Melbourne’s wealth of trees; we never advise lopping branches from healthy trees, and only resort to tree removal when there is no better alternative.

1. How long does tree pruning take?

Pruning depends on the size of the tree and the extent of limbs that need to be removed. A small project may only take an hour or two. Large projects can take all day or several days if there are many trees.

2. How do I know if my tree should be pruned?

If you see dead wood or your tree has been damaged, if the growth infringes on other aspects of the property, or if you feel the tree’s growth or fruiting regularity has changed, you should contact us.

3. Is removing a tree a better option?

Removing a tree is a drastic and significant change which may result in permanent death to the tree. Only a professional arborist can make this determination after an assessment.

4. Who can prune my trees?

Anyone can prune a tree, with the proper training and safety equipment. A professional arborist can also determine if tree is healthy and how to keep it that way.

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