Tree Stump Grinding Service

Completely removing a tree from your property means pulling out the stump and grinding the whole thing into mulch. The health of your garden is too important to leave a massive stump rotting in place. For tree stump removal in Melbourne, Total Tree Care provides the most complete solution.

Ordinary tree removal leaves a stump behind. When left untreated, the remains of the tree can attract pests to your garden or begin to cultivate fungus. Even if the stump and root are poisoned, the rotting wood can breed termites and other insects that feed on the decaying plant matter. Stumps that seem long dead may even show new growth if not completely removed.

We’ve got the experience and equipment to provide the complete stump removal Melbourne residents need. Our range of stump grinding machines turns unsightly tree stumps into useful mulch. Re-plant, re-turf, and rebuild over the very site of the removed tree and cultivate the garden you desire.

From our smallest machine (built to fit through a standard house door), to big machines with big horsepower, enabling us to mulch out even the biggest stumps. We’ve got the equipment for stump removal Melbourne residents need to get the job done.

Existing stumps don’t require a site visit, we will quote a price range based on the diameter of the stump at ground level subject to access.

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