Tree Stump Grinding Removal Service

Don’t forget the stump.

When removing a tree from your property, you always have to consider the stump that’s left behind. If allowed to fester, the remains of a removed tree can attract pests or—perhaps worse—develop fungus. Stumps and their accompanying roots may also be poisoned, and the rotting wood can potentially breed termites or other insects that feed on decaying plant matter. In addition, stumps that appear to be dead may actually display new growth after a period of time. Given these factors, it’s essential to remember that getting rid of a stump is a critical part of any complete tree removal process.

We know the health of your garden is too important to leave a massive, rotting stump alone to decompose. Instead, we offer Melbourne’s most comprehensive solution to integrated tree and stump removal by providing stump grinding services. (We can also perform an isolated stump removal for any stump that’s been left in place after an initial tree extraction.)
Our broad experience and sophisticated equipment help us to provide all-inclusive stump removal services across the Melbourne area, and our range of stump grinding machines specialize in turning unsightly tree stumps into useful mulch. Once the removal procedure is finished, we can re-plant, re-turf or rebuild over the newly cleared site—leaving in place a fresh terrain for you to cultivate the garden or landscape of your choice.

From our smallest machine (which is built to fit through a standard house door) to our biggest, most high-powered piece of equipment, our industry tools enable us to mulch out even the most stubborn of stumps.

Need a quote for a stump grinding removal?

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Existing stumps won’t require a visit; we can always give a price range estimate based on the ground-level diameter of your stump. (Please note that prices are subject to our ability to access the property area).

To get started, simply fill in the form below, attach an image of the stump and provide some measurements. Remember, the stump diameter should be taken from where the stump meets the soil and not from higher up—cut sites usually yield a smaller, less accurate measurement.

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Need a quote on a joint tree and stump removal? We’ll have to send one of our expert arborists to your site for an evaluation. See our page on tree removal (under the “Services” tab above) for more information.

Have further questions about stump removal treatments? We’d be happy to speak with you. You can also take a look at our list of…

Frequently asked questions

I’ve just had a tree removed. Can’t I just leave the stump where it is?

It’s your choice: Just know you may be putting your property at risk if you do. As we’ve mentioned, stumps can attract disease, pests and fungi to their immediate surroundings— all of which can ultimately infest your land. Your best option is to remove the stump entirely.

Why can’t I remove the stump myself?

Depending on the tree and its accompanying root system, you may get more than you bargained for if you try to extract a stump on your own. Our arborists are highly trained in the safe and expedient removal of all types of trees and their stumps. In addition, we will perform these services in a way that complies with local standards for the appropriate treatment of your property.

Is there a difference between stump grinding and stump removal?

It’s just a matter of machinery. The equipment may be different for grinding vs. removal, but the end result is still the same: to take the stump off your property and maintain the integrity of your land.

If I employ Total Tree Care to remove a tree, will you remove the stump as well?

Yes. We can definitely do that. Be aware, though, that we do bill separately for these services. Schedule an onsite visit today to receive an estimate from one of our certified arborists.


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