Elm Leaf Beetle Control

Protect your elm tree today and bolster its health for the next two years. A mature elm tree is an asset to your property. It provides you with shade in the summer, acting as nature’s air-conditioner. Its rich beauty adds a certain dignified aesthetic to your landscaping. Many trees share our world, but the elm is one of the most majestic. Despite common belief, Elm Leaf Beetle control does not mean tree removal is necessary.

Rampant disease throughout Europe and the Americas has decimated their elm population to the point where Melbourne now hosts the world’s most siginificant population of mature, elms. Since around 1989, the elm leaf beetle (Pyrrhalta luteola) has been found in Melbourne. This parasite feeds only on the Elm species and is already responsible for major damage to a significant portion of Melbourne’s elm population. The elm leaf beetle is literally your elm tree’s worst enemy.

The beetle feeds on the foliage of the canopy, chewing holes in the elm tree’s coverage and damaging the leaves indiscriminately. Left untreated, a tree suffering from beetle and larvae damage could find it’s photosynthesis capability reduced by as much as 19%. Without those leaves, your elm suffers stress and begins to decline as its energy reserves dwindle.

New developments in treatment delivery systems have enabled us to turn the tables on this pest. The professional arborists at Total Tree Care use the Arborjet injection treatment system, the most effective medicament delivery method to date. The treatment is surprisingly affordable with fantastic results.

Tree injections always require some drilling. We work hard to keep tree wounding to a bare minimum, sealing the injection sites with medical grade septum to eliminate leakage. This also allows us to deliver the pest-control medicament directly into the sap stream. All of the medicament is confined to the tree itself, and the tree’s own capillary system will deliver the medicament throughout the body of the tree.

Introducing… The ArborJet System

This new technology allows us to precisely control the dosage and delivery, tailoring every treatment to the specific needs of the tree. It uses lower levels of pesticide than area treatments, and requires no additional water to activate the medicament. The Arborjet system acts fast, distributing high levels of the active ingredient with a longer residual period than traditional soil treatment. Because the medicament is confined to the tree, there is no contamination of the ground, leaving it safe for earthworms and other beneficial organisms.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation about the needs of your tree. Our team of arborists will help you defend your trees, or get you set up for treatment if you’ve already discovered an infestation. This world belongs to us all; let’s work together to cultivate it.

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