Arborist Reports

Before beginning any large building or development project, many local councils require an arborist report as part of the permit process. A professional arborist report is a vital and credible component in applying for a tree permit or appealing a rejected permit. Total Tree Care has more than a decade of experience navigating the laws and regulations that have grown up around planting and caring for trees in the metropolitan area and suburbs.
We’ve helped countless clients achieve successful outcomes. A fast-tracked tree permit application for your garden or property development will save you time, money, and endless headaches. The considered, impartial testimony of our professionals gives your council aplication a whole new level of credibility.

There are four basic types of arborist reports:

Pre-Development Vegetation Assessments : In the early stages of planning a new development, this report helps determine the retention value of existing trees on your site. The trees already on your property are evaluated and flagged for retention, pruning, or removal. Your architect may then proceed with a concept design that works around and incorporates the nominated protection zone of retained trees.

Development Application Reports : Sometimes you don’t require an arborist report until the middle stages of the planning process. This kind of report helps you address concerns by the council about fitting your proposal in with the surrounding trees. Your contractor uses this report to modify construction plans around trees marked for retention and those flagged for removal.

Tree Management Plans : When a site has a large population of mature trees, we prepare a complete Tree Management Plan. Public areas such as schools, golf courses, and commercial properties rely on these reports to monitor the health of their trees and provide a safe environment for the public. Trees that present a hazard sometimes require removal, but alteration of the surrounding grounds or implementing good vegetation management practices can lower the risk to acceptable levels. Retention of mature trees is an important part of this report, and we address ways to care for the existing property.

Hazard Tree Risk Assessments : Property with a smaller number of existing trees may only need to establish risk ratings and require an assessment of present hazards. In cases where the desired removal of a tree conflicts with a local law permit or the Vegetation Protection Overlay, this report can assist in justifying a tree removal. Using aerial cameras and inspecting the tree from a close-in perspective, we provide a unique view of the tree, presenting evidence of structural defects not visible from the ground.

Total Tree Care emphasises the health of our public trees and the safety of our community. We work within the system to provide everyone with the most complete information possible about the trees we all must share. Contact us today and plan for the future with a personalised arborist report.

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