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If you are in Melbourne and need help with your trees, whatever your concerns may be, Total Tree Care has your solution covered..

Tree Removal

When Tree Removal is the best option, we have the expertise, equipment and team to deal with any challenge. Be it a 4m Pittosporum or a 65m Victorian Mountain Ash, in a terrace courtyard or open space, your tree can be carefully dismantled, leaving your garden clean tidy and free of damage. Any Tree, Any Place, we Leave No Trace.

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Stump Grinding

We’ve got the experience and equipment to provide the complete stump removal Melbourne residents need. Our range of stump grinding machines turns unsightly tree stumps into useful mulch. Re-plant, re-turf, and rebuild over the very site of the removed tree and cultivate the garden you desire.

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Arborist Reports

Development applications often require an arborist report as part of your submission. Our reports provide the most complete information available regarding the health of trees on a property and the viability of their retention.

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Elm Leaf Beetle Control

Elm trees in Melbourne have come under attack by the elm leaf beetle, a parasite native to Europe. Using new treatment technology, we can control this parasite before your trees suffer major damage.

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Arboricultural Consulting

Our qualified arborists perform initial observations at the ground level, but we’re not shy about getting up into the canopy for a close-in examination. An aerial tree inspection can reveal defects not visible from the ground, putting a unique perspective on your tree’s situation. We take the time to discuss your concerns, assess your property, and diagnose any potential problems.

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Tree Pruning

Formative pruning is best done on juvenile trees to correct structural issues. With screen trees used for privacy like pears and most hedges, it’s important to manage them before the horse has bolted. Often we are called in when there has been little or no maintenance, or they are just too large for the gardener to deal with.

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Cable Bracing

Big old trees are our most valued and sometimes they need support to maximise their lifespan. Likewise when they span over property it is a not a question of the likelihood of failure more what damage will occur when this happens. Guard against this damage with cable bracing systems installed by our team of trained professionals.

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Tree Preservation

Our trees need to be preserved for future generations. We practice a holistic philosophy of care that partners with homeowners and the community to keep our trees healthy. Your garden is the work of a lifetime. Preserve it.

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Tree Planting

Mature trees are often removed from a site due to declining health, structural defects or inappropriate locations. When that time comes it is responsible to plant another tree for the future. Maybe a better species selection, one with good form that suits the available space it will need in maturity. Many council permits now make it a condition to replant after a tree removal too.

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