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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free no-obligation quotes?

YES, Total Tree Care will visit you on-site and conduct a FREE no-obligation QUOTE and send you a detailed written quote.

How do I know if I need a Council Permit or Arborist Report to remove a tree?

Please contact our office on 1800 000 451 to consult our experienced team regarding if a permit is required & YES we can apply for a local council permit on your behalf.

What are your hours of operation & how long are our quotes valid for?

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm

Quotes are valid for 30 days – we provide our quotes via email, using a great cloud-based system called ‘quotient’ and you can accept in once easy online to save time & hassle. Then our office manager will call you back to book in a convenient time to complete your tree works.

How do you accept payment?

At the completion of the job we require payment and accept, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard (on-site), cheque & Direct Deposit.

We also offer 30 day Trade Terms for our commercial clients… please contact our office for further information.

What is an Arborist?

An Arborist is a person who is trained in the field of Arboriculture and who has a sound knowledge of tree anatomy and biology as well as being competent in a range of professional arboricultural practices. In terms of qualifications, Total Tree Care only employ or contract fully Qualified Arborist’s.

When do I treat my Elm Tree against attack from Elm Leaf Beetle?

Soil injections to treat Elm Leaf Beetle should be undertaken in late winter/early spring. The exact timing will be dependent upon the environmental conditions of the area (particularly temperature) however should be done when it is noticeable that the tree is emerging from its winter dormancy e.g. the swelling or opening of leaf and/or flower buds. This is a sign that the tree’s root system is active and is therefore capable of absorbing water and mineral nutrients.

When is the best time of year to prune my trees?

Both deciduous and broad-leaved evergreen trees should ideally be pruned in the winter months as this is the time of minimal physiological activity and pruning will, therefore, have the least impact of subsequent growth and development.

How do I know what trees are suitable to plant in my garden?

Trees to be planted in any landscape should be selected with the long-term future in mind and should be selected for a particular purpose such as screening or shade. They should be selected based on their potential physical size as well as their tolerance to the surrounding environmental conditions e.g. direct sunlight, natural rainfall or soil conditions. If unsure which species are suitable for your particular needs, seek the advise of a qualified horticulturalist or Arboriculturalist.

Ideally, they should visit the site in person so as they can assess the site and make a more informed decision for hopefully the tree that is selected will remain there for the duration of its natural life cycle which may be several decades.

Will your work be covered by insurance should something go wrong?

For your peace of mind we are fully insured with a $10,000,000 Public Liability policy. This covers you should something major go wrong and your property were to be damaged in any way, or should a third party be injured it won’t fall back on you. Really, any professional tree service should have this cover and make it readily available for you to do your due-diligence. 

What if one of your workers is injured while working on our property?

Our WorkCover Insurance, in the event of a workplace injury, covers our teams. This is important as should they be injured while working on your property and they were not currently covered it is possible they could even claim against you for damages. Again, any professional tree service should have this cover and make it readily available for you to do your due-diligence. 


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